US-CERT: Como reconocer y evitar el spyware

agosto 26th, 2004

El CERT de Estados Unidos publica un interesante artículo sobre el spyware, como reconocerlo y como librarse de él.

El artículo original aquí y una traducción cutre de Google aquí

What is spyware?

Despite its name, the term «spyware» doesn’t refer to something used
by undercover operatives, but rather by the advertising industry. In
fact, spyware is also known as «adware.» It refers to a category of
software that, when installed on your computer, may send you pop-up
ads, redirect your browser to certain web sites, or monitor the web
sites that you visit. Some extreme, invasive versions of spyware may
track exactly what keys you type.

Because of the extra processing, spyware may cause your computer to
become slow or sluggish. There are also privacy implications:

  • What information is being gathered?
  • Who is receiving it?
  • How is it being used?


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