This page lists all my programs for GP2X, the linux handheld.

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  • Bochs-GP2X

    Last update: 30/01/2006

    This is a port of Bochs, a PC emulator, for the GP2X. It’s quite slow,so it’s not really usable, but anyway a nice proof of concept. Everybody knows no console can be famous if it doesn’t run Win95.

    I’ve tried running FreeDOS, some old XT games and Win95 and everything works correctly. Mouse is not implemented. Win95 boots in about 6:30 minutes, which is not really bad 🙂

    If you want to try it I have written a FreeDOS installation guide.

    Changes for v.0.2

    • Implemented a virtual keyboard


  • Phamicom-GP2X

    Last update: 17/01/2006

    Phamicom-GP2X is an emulator for the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System) AKA Famicom.

    Changes for v.0.3

    • Implemented savestates
    • Switched to PAL mode by default
    • Deleted some unused code

    Changes for v.0.2

    • Using rlyeh’s minilib instead of SDL
    • Improved speed. Now all games I tested are playable

    Changes for v.0.1

    • Initial version


  • NeoPOP-GP2X

    Last update: 28/12/2005

    NeoPOP-GP2X is an emulator for the NeoGeo Pocket.

    This emulator works at about 20 FPS, so the speed is not good enough. Although I have implemented some optimizations I haven’t been able to gain more speed. If anyone can help me to optimize it further please don’t hesitate to contact me.

    Changes for v.0.5

    • The program no longer uses SDL lib
    • Now using rlyeh’s minilib
    • Various optimizations
    • 2x mode disabled for more speed


  • Cygne-GP2X

    Last update: 05/01/2006

    Cygne-GP2X is an emulator for the Wonderswan.

    Currently, it’s very slow, but this is only an initial release.

    Changes for v.0.1

    • Initial release